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We offer both recreational and       pre-professional training programs in various styles. We primarily focus on Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Commercial, and Theatre styles. Our  pre-professional students will also compete and attend various conventions. 

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Our Voice Program is designed for children ages 5 & UP at various stages of their vocal and musical development. The program centers around classical technique and touches on contemporary methods. Students have opportunities to showcase their growth for a live audience. 



The Theatre Program is designed for students of all ages and ranges from play work to musicals. Students learn to express themselves freely & connect  emotionally. It will create young actors with strong confidence,  great compassion  and with effective instincts.


F.A.T.E. Center for the Arts is Frederick County Maryland's premier school for the performing arts. We cater to children ages 2 to 18 and welcome every child eager to add an artistic element to their life. Our programs range from recreational level classes to        pre-professional courses. Learn more about these programs by clicking on the links provided above and below.


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